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meet our founders

Meet Anthony and Chris! Health and wellness is on the rise. People are converting to “Better-For-You” desserts. And yet, we could not find an all-natural, low carb, no sugar added ice cream that tasted amazing. We waited many years for the low carb dessert of our dreams to hit the market, and yet, nothing happened. We declared the waiting game over and made it ourselves.

We bought a small ice cream machine and launched Keto Pint in our apartment

We had no money, no connections, no investors, and certainly no expertise. All we had was a dream for better healthy ice cream. We began hand packing and labeling ice cream pints, one by one, in our 600 square foot apartment. 

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our mission

Our mission is to provide no sugar added desserts to help make an impact on the sugar epidemic. Help us ditch sugar learn more +

have a real sweet tooth?

At Keto, our culture is embodied with fanatical energy that stimulates progress in our daily lifestyle, and ultimately attracting those individuals with the willingness to take bold risks. We envision a world where dessert indulges are made less guilty, time is forgotten and life is simply enjoyed. Transformation takes place one healthy dessert choice at a time where the human body, mind, heart, and soul are rejuvenated.
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