Low Carb Keto FAQ

Low Carb Keto FAQ

If your question still isn't answered below, please fill out our contact form with your question and we will get back to you accordingly. Thank you for your interest in Keto Pint!

Where can I buy Keto Pint?

Please visit our Store Locator page to find Keto Pint at a store near you. You can also order Keto Pint through our online store or sign up for a monthly subscription which will be delivered to your front door! We offer nation wide shipping for our pints (US domestic shipping only).

Is there any sugar in your ice cream?

No, never! All of our ice cream at Keto Pint is crafted with no sugar added.

Is your ice cream low carb keto friendly?

Yes! Our ice cream is keto friendly and has only 3g net carbs per serving. Our ice cream is also high in fat, ranging from 12-14g fat per serving. It is the perfect treat for anyone on a LCHF diet.


Is Keto Pint gluten free?

Yes, all Keto Pint flavors are gluten free!

Is there dairy in your ice cream?

Yes, we use dairy in all of our current flavors. We do not have any plans for non-dairy flavors as of now.

Do you ship to Canada?

We do not offer shipping to Canada at this time.

Is Keto Pint just for dessert?

Keto Pint was crafted to be enjoyed at any point during your day, not just a night time snack. We engineered our low carb keto ice cream to include a high amount of fat, moderate protein, and no sugar added to help fuel your body with nutritional content and a healthier dessert option.

Is Keto Pint okay to consume if I have diabetes?

Yes! Keto Pint is crafted to include no added sugar, as well as ingredients that are low glycemic in order to reduce insulin secretion, having minimal effects on blood sugar levels.

Is your dairy hormone free and are the cows treated humanely?

Of course! We have partnered with a local dairy that is an active participant in sustainable business practices, prioritizing fair treatment of cows and not administering the growth hormone rBST. With a focus on local dairies, we consistently aim to ensure the use of the best quality dairy available!

What ingredients do you use in your ice cream?

Please check out our Ingredients page for more information on specific ingredients in each flavor, as well as nutrition facts.

If I am a grocery store, restaurant, hotel, etc. can I sell Keto Pint?

Of course! Please email sales@upstaricecream.com to begin selling the low carb Keto Pint! We look forward to working with you.

If I am a consumer, how can I request Keto Pint in stores near me?

We are ecstatic to hear your positive experience with Keto Pint. Please fill out a customer request form (on the store locator page) and drop it off at the local grocery store you would like to carry our low carb keto product.