As young children, we are taught to idolize some of the most notable superheroes: Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Ironman... the list never ends! 

Super strength sounds quite enticing! Who wouldn't want to fly?! Shooting webs out of your hands to save your true love from villains? Count us in! 

Anthony and I always admired the strengths and abilities that superheroes embody, but even at a young age, we never questioned who our true hero was and still is to this day. 

Our father did not fight crimes or even wear a cape. He did not go by a fictitious name and hide behind a costume to be a saving grace in times of need. No. He went by the name of Steve Spencer. Every day, he bears the weight of responsibility for his family and leads like the protector he is. Every time we needed a leader, affirmation, direction, or protection, he was our Superman. 

As we celebrate Father's Day, Anthony and I would like to take a moment to thank the millions of fathers out there that are the true embodiment of a hero. To all the fathers, your sacrifices and leadership are more than appreciated. They are seen. Simply put, thank you for being you. 

-Chris Spencer, Founder & CEO

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