About Us

Our Family

The Keto Pint family invites all walks of life. We are health enthusiast, diabetics, athletes, parents, children, and grandparents. We are a brand that gives back to its community, shares success stories and encourages others to join us in living a healthier lifestyle.

When you grab a Keto Pint product off the shelf you are saying yes to better living without sacrificing the things that you love. When you join our family, we don’t want you to change who you are we simply believe that you deserve the best. That being said, we wan’t to say welcome and that we are so excited to be a part of your journey.

Premium Sustainably Sourced Chocolate

Keto Pint has partnered with one of the largest cocoa processors in the world to support its sustainability initiatives. Keto Pint partners with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation to purchase its chocolate products at a premium price to help fund farmer training in good agricultural practices, provide innovative finance solutions, implement child protection initiatives, grant access to education, empower women, and provide based health services. Keto Pint is paving the path to make sustainably sourced chocolate the norm!

We Support our Dairy Farmers

Keto Pint has partnered with Prairie Farms, a farmer-owned dairy cooperative that is comprised of more than 800 family farms. One of our greatest initiatives is to continue to support local family farms by giving back to our farmer community! Through our partnership with Prairie Farms, Keto Pint provides farm to table products using the freshest, sustainable dairy. In addition, we pay premium prices for the dairy used in our ice cream to ensure our farmers are supported for their hard work.

Starting keto

We discovered the health benefits of the Ketogenic diet, after our father had a heart attack and started down the path of ketosis, which ultimately saved his life. Passionate and thankful we set out to find ice cream alternatives that our father and ourselves could enjoy. We know people are converting to “Better-For-You” desserts. And yet, we could not find an all-natural, low carb, no sugar added ice cream that tasted amazing. We waited for many years for the low carb dessert of our dreams to hit the market, and yet, nothing happened. ​So, we declared the waiting game over and made it ourselves!

We had no money, no connections, no investors, and certainly no expertise. All we had was a dream for a better, healthier ice cream. And now, we get to share it with YOU!

Our Mission

Keto Pint was founded in March of 2019 by two brothers inspired by the miracles of the keto diet that saved their father’s life.

Our company's mission is to energize the world with healthier all-natural foods that taste great and truly make a difference.

We are a brand built around family values, constant positivity, and a deep love for healthy ice cream!⁣⁣⁣⁣

⁣⁣For us, keto is not about following a perfect diet. it’s about continually progressing towards living a healthier lifestyle that cuts out sugars, and replaces them with healthy fats that our mind and body need to be whole!⁣⁣

From the top down, we pride ourself on being an inclusive company that invites anyone and everyone to try our ice cream and live better lives! Keto or not, you are our family if you simply care to try!⁣⁣

Our biggest focus is offering everyone an ice cream they can trust!

This means an ice cream with no added sugar and zero processed ingredients. All of our ingredients are all-natural and sustainably sourced, and all of our sweeteners and fibers are plant-based and NON-GMO.⁣⁣

We are always gluten-free, as well as higher protein and lower sugar alcohols than any other keto ice cream on the market.⁣⁣

Plain and simple Keto Pint is an ice cream that everyone can enjoy and trust.